200 m² ultra-luxurious apartment on 51st floor – just rented!

Hamilton’s letting team has achieved yet another success at Złota 44 in leasing one of the penthouse apartments located on the 51st floor. Well done team! 

The luxurious residential rental market in Warsaw has been flourishing for the last years. Projects like Złota 44, a benchmark for premium real estate in Poland, enjoy constant interest from investors and tenants. While the economy slows down worldwide, and some sectors are affected by uncertainty, the luxurious real estate seems to be relatively resistant.  

Hamilton May Warsaw is an established brand on the capital’s high-end market. We work closely to such developments and have a convincing track record of successful deals. 

Consequently, one of the most luxurious apartments in the iconic Złota 44 tower has just been rented by our agents. The apartment was listed for an astonishing price of nearly 51 000 PLN per month (!). The investor was represented by Ilona Stanik, senior consultant for PRS and Capital Markets, working for our commercial brand, Hamilton International. Hamilton May estate agent Jason Boughner was representing the client with their property search. The apartment was rented for an undisclosed price.

The client contacted us directly and engaged us to perform a property search. Quick response time and the ability to accurately identify the client’s preferences was crucial. What made the client decide for this particular apartment?  

“The apartment is on the 51st from 52 floors with a spectacular view of the Palace of Culture. Moreover, it is very spacious with a private, comfortable cabinet that is so important now when most of us work from home,” says Ilona Stanik. “The luxurious common areas – swimming pool, cinema and conference rooms are for building residents only, so a feeling of comfort, privacy and safety is guaranteed.” 

Although transactions on the top end of the market might be challenging – requiring a certain level of knowledge and sophistication – this one has proceeded extremely efficiently. Negotiations were skillfully handled by the agents, securing satisfying outcome for both the parties.  

“Initial contact was Wednesday, showing of the apartment on Thursday, offer made and accepted on Friday, contract signed on Monday, and the apartment handed over Wednesday morning. Seven days from the first phone call” sums up Jason Boughner. 

It demonstrates that Hamilton May has knowledge and experience, allowing us to deal with residential investments on the highest segment of the market. 

We invite all clients looking for an unparalleled property for rent and sale to contact us. We are confident our agents can perform a fast and successful property search and find you nothing but the best possible option.

See all available rental apartments in Złota 44 by clicking the following link.

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