Designer studio in Augustiańska Residence.

Today we would like to present a beautifully finished apartment in the Augustiańska Residence. It has 34 m2 and consists of a spacious room with a kitchenette, bathroom and hallway. The apartment is fully furnished and equipped – finished to a very high standard with attention to every detail. The future tenant will appreciate the spacious wardrobes that will accommodate an extensive wardrobe.

The building style resembles a historic nineteenth-century tenement house, where the level of the ground floor was finished with stone, and a large glass surface gave it a contemporary look. Its interior houses 44 single-level and two-level premises. The reinforced concrete structure of the building makes it soundproof, and thus allows you to maintain privacy in the apartment. The common area also has a reception and lift.

The property is located approximately 300 m from Wawel and Vistula Boulevards. In the close vicinity there are tram and bus stops. A walk to the Main Square takes about 10 minutes. An ideal location for people who appreciate the proximity of recreational areas as well as the city center.

Learn more of this rental listing here.

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