Hamilton Group CEO at Property Forum 2019

Rob Watkins, Hamilton Group CEO, has been invited to join 9th Property Forum – the biggest commercial real estate conference in Poland, taking place on 11-12 September in Warsaw’s Sheraton.

Rob Watkins was one of the panelist at “Investment apartments” panel.

“Many of the sectors discussed in today’s forum, condo hotels, student housing, PRS, are in their infancy and will surely develop to reach saturation comparative to other more developed markets over time” – said Rob Watkins after the conference. “How long it will take is an open question, but we can say with relatively certainty that it will present interesting investment opportunities along the way. As a country now recognised as ‘developed’ Poland is seeing higher costs in employment, construction and development plots, which is creating a squeeze on the returns available in investment apartments. The days of low hanging fruit are perhaps over and investors will have to be more selective to meet yield expectations and mitigate risk. As a result investors are likely to avoid speculation and focus on schemes which offer more certainty in the risk return profile.”

Two representatives of our new commercial branch – Hamilton International – were present at the Forum. The guests may have met Michal Porzycki, associate director, and Jarosław Smoderek, senior consultant.

See you soon at upcoming property events.

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