Hamilton International presents multi-level office space for rent in an extraordinary office building.

Hamilton International lists another office space for rent in an A-class office building. Sitting on Armii Ludowej, Focus office building is relatively discreet but renowned and appreciated by its tenants. It was designed by the well-recognized architect Stefan Kuryłowicz and built in 2001. The key architectural features of the structure are a four storey winter garden overlooking Pole Mokotowskie park, two-layer curtain covering the front wall to provide thermal and sound isolation and – last but not least – a set of beehives has been placed on the roof. The office building houses the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway.

The office building is located on the southern part of Warsaw’s Śródmieście (city center), close to the border with Mokotów. It sits by Armii Ludowej, one of the most important arteries of the capital. Numerous public transportation lines provide easy access to the building. Tenants enjoy the close proximity of the green area of Pole Mokotowskie.

The presented office space is located on several levels, where each level may be rented separately. The interiors are finished to a high standard and fully furnished.

Focus office building

Featued office space on 10th floor

Featured office space on 11th floor

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