Kraków’s Wola Justowska district remains the most sought after area for high income earners…

Incorporated into Kraków in 1941, Wola Justowska has long been recognized as the city’s most prestigious area. “Historically speaking,” says Barbara Cabaj senior real estate agent at Hamilton May, “it’s always been an affluent district with the highest prices and residents that fall inside the top income bracket.”

There is no complex science behind this phenomenon, just logic. Occupying the city’s western flank, no other district ticks quite as many boxes as Wola Justowska. “Living here, allows people to enjoy the best of both worlds – on the one hand, they’re just a 10-15-minute drive from the very heart of the city, while on the other, they get to enjoy all the perks associated with country life – whether they be forest trails and cycle paths or just general peace and quiet.”

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Known for its greenery and parks, not to mention immediate proximity to the protected woodland of Wolski Forest, it’s an area that feels pleasantly removed from the everyday urban hurry. “People love it for this very reason,” says Barbara Cabaj. “Surrounded with so much greenery and nature, the feeling is of living in the countryside and that’s definitely the area’s biggest advantage.”

Sparsely populated at the start of the 19th century (an early census records just 51 houses in the district), since those times Wola Justowska has grown to become a residential area primarily comprised of detached, single-family homes. “There is no ‘average’ home here,” says Barbara Cabaj, “but if you were pushed to describe a typical dwelling then that would most likely be a 400 sq/m, three to four bedroom home.” Many of these were built during the 50s through to the 80s, and while they once featured different segregated levels for different generations of the same family, today’s trends have seen these homes renovated to encourage a more ‘open plan’ space for the modern day family unit.”

Certainly, this sense of a ‘family district’ cannot be exaggerated. Aside from generous gardens and its gentle sense of serenity, seclusion and security, Wola Justowska’s proximity to international schools is another one of its major selling points, something that’s made it increasingly popular among expats. “There’s definitely a global population now,” says Barbara Cabaj, “you name it, there are people here from China, India, the States, etc.” Especially popular with relocated business leaders, diplomats and high ranking executives, it’s the aforementioned benefits and general ‘liveability’ that has seen its stock soar. “If a big firm has a presence in Kraków, you can bet that those in more senior roles will live here.”

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Vacancies are rare but not unknown with Hamilton May listing several properties that capture the very essence of Wola Justowska – for instance, a five-bedroom, 300 sq/m house set on a plot of 1,200 sq/m. Completed in 1950 but substantially modernized in the last decade, it’s listed for a negotiable starting price of 2.6 million PLN (608,000 EUR). At the highest end of the scale, a 1,000 sq/m house (on a plot of 12,000 sq/m) features a 330 sq/m spa and swimming pool as well as finger print access, CCTV cameras, and an emergency power system. Found bordering the forest, its price has been set at 9 million PLN (2.1 million EUR).

Though the area is defined by these scenic detached residences, the district has also experienced a small selection of new developments that have left the suburb blessed with a growing number of state of the art apartments. A case in point has been the Morelove residential complex, a collection of three-story apartment buildings that have done nothing to detract from Wola Justowksa’s pristine sense of beauty. Aimed at young professionals, here flats include 45 sq/m one bedroom apartments with access to large gardens – priced at just under 9 000 PLN per sq/m, they are an indication of the direction the area has taken. Above that, they also offer larger apartments designed for people who want to enjoy both, space and comfort. “Future residents will have at their disposal an attractive, landscaped patio, a private fitness zone, a children’s playroom and a sauna. The calibre and scope of the investment are indicative of the increasing standard of developments and amenities across the entire area of Wola”. – says Małgorzata Pajor, Sales Director at EkoPark.

Magnolia Garden, a new project currently under construction perfectly epitomises the atmosphere and style of the district. The estate consists of eight semi-detached buildings and two detached ones. The apartments will vary in size offering spaces between 40m2 and 135m2 with sales prices starting from 11 500 pln/m2. The investment stands out thanks to its elegant and minimalist architecture. The developer’s vision and design make it possible to combine the apartments and customise the space to your needs, so the buyer can choose between apartments from one right up to five bedrooms.

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“This unique investment will give future owners the freedom of choice in terms of finishing the space and tailoring it to their needs, reflecting the individuality of the buyers. In the neighbourhood there are only low rise buildings, plenty of green open spaces which combined with easy access to the center is one of the major reasons for choosing Wola as a residential destination in the city – this is what Magnolia Garden represents, “says Magdalena Grzybowska, senior real estate agent in Hamilton May.

Despite this occasional incursion of modern-day buildings, the area looks set to resist large scale development, with both locals and developers keen that Wola Justowska retains the original, neighbourly charm that makes it so attractive in the first place. A picturesque niche within the Polish property market, this is an area that has emerged to become a standard bearer for the quality of life.

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