Warsaw developments: Koneser

Koneser Centrum Praskie is an extraordinary investment in the center of the Praga district, and a fine example of a multifunctional urban architecture, which can serve residential, commercial, cultural and business purposes.

Koneser Centrum Praskie

The design of the complex is based on the adaptation of the old post-industrial factory buildings and the creation of innovative projects perfectly blending with the surrounding historic urban structure. The impressive scale of the development and its unique aesthetics contribute greatly to the area’s atmosphere. The buildings’ rick facades, paved alleys, open spaces and intimate passages create a truly unpretentious, friendly and charming location.

Flats, lofts and soft-lofts within the development have an excellent standard and feature highly functional architectural solutions. In addition to residential properties, offices and services, the complex will host Google Campus Warsaw, a hotel, a Conference/Event Centre and the Museum of Polish Vodka.

Koneser Centrum Praskie – Location

Koneser Centrum Praskie is located between Ząbkowska, Nieporęcka, Białostocka and Markowska streets. It has good access to public transport (metro, numerous bus and tram lines, and the Warszawa Wschodnia railway station). Thanks to numerous cafes and restaurants, galleries, museums, shops and boutiques, the residents will be able to fully enjoy the charms of urban life.

Koneser Centrum Praskie – Apartments

The investment is a 5-story building holding 76 apartments of various sizes (82.25 – 169.17 m2). The premises are finished in the industrial aesthetic. The floors are high (3 m) and come with fully glazed facades. Their interiors can be freely organized. The top floors hold penthouses with mezzanines; they are based on a 2-level open space concept. They also have direct access to the terraces located on the property’s various levels.

Feel free to contact Hamilton May to learn more about the apartments available for sale.

See more pictures by clicking the following link.

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