We will analyze your office lease agreement and find the best possible solution in the current crisis situation

Due to the current market situation associated with the coronavirus, Hamiton International with co-operation with KTP law company will analyze your office lease agreement and advise you on the optimal solution.

We are aware how difficult the situation is many companies now – this is why we are ready to prepare a contract analysis for you and help finding the best options.

Nearly all office tenants are wondering what rights they have in relation to the situation. Unlike shopping malls, office buildings remain open, but most companies do not use them and work remotely.

We meet the expectations of our clients and offer the following solutions.

We will conduct talks with the Lessor on your behalf in the following areas:

  • the possibility of reducing rent, exemption from rent for the duration of the pandemic,
  • renegotiation of the lease agreement,
  • sublease of space in the event of its surplus in relation to current demand.

Please contact us:

Michał Porzycki
📧 michal@hamilton-commercial.com
📱 734 219 814

Jaroslaw Smoderek
📧 jaroslaw@hamilton-commercial.com
📱 734 219 817

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